Jaiku HQ

Jaiku is headquartered in Finland’s capitol city, Helsinki. The service which is one of the so-called micro-blogging platforms has become very popular. Leo Laporte, the king of the popular podcast TWiT, uses the service and has been very pleased. While there are other competitors in this market, namely Twitter and Pownce, each does something a teensy bit different. Sure, those other services are going to have a large following here in the states, but they most likely will not dominate in the European market. Actually, don’t listen to anything I just said, because quite frankly, I just made it up. What you can count on though, are a few pictures of their offices. Finding pictures that aren’t *All rights reserved* is sometimes difficult, so these will have to do.

IMAGE CREDITS: Images of the front door and reflective floor snapped by Esko Kurvinen. The image of the stickers taken by flickr user Jyri Engestrom. The rest by Eric Wahlforss.

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