Eventful HQ

Eventful is an online events website that alows its users to find, share, create and promote all kinds of events. The site has even been featured in a couple segments on CNN highlighting its usefulness for presidential candidates in the upcoming 2008 elections. The company is headquartered in San Diego, CA, but specifically speaking it is a long stones throw from the beach (a few miles), and basically right next door to UCSD. Regardless of location, they seem to be growing at a nice pace, and with key big media mentions, look for them to keep moving up.

Their offices, which occupy a suite in the building pictured below, are pretty nice too, even the interns get sweeter computers than I have. *Sigh*

UPDATE: Not all of these images are from Eventful’s current offices. Only the first three are icon smile Eventful HQ I’ll be sure to try and get some new images for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

IMAGE CREDITS: The first three images were taken by Brad Fults. The last four were taken by Chris Radcliff. I am pretty sure they both work there.