Revver HQ

Revver is the video-sharing platform that pays your 50% of the advertising revenue generated from your video upload. The Los Angeles based company, whose service was made famous by the coke and mentos video, has around 23 employees. The reason I say that they were made famous by the coke and mentos video is because it was the first example of independent video creators making big bucks from revenue shared video. While there could have been others that I am not aware of, I will refuse to accept it even if you send me “facts”. The Mentos video made somewhere around $35,000 (more than I make in a year)

Their offices look really nice, especially if you count the fact that they can see the Hollywood sign from it. One image below is from Halloween, so don’t ask me if their office always has spiderwebs in the lobby. They also have a dedicated entertainment/gaming area, something it seems many companies these days have been including for worker morale.

IMAGE CREDITS: Revver billboard by Tantek Çelik. Revver Halloween Lobby by Micki Krimmel. All other photos in the Gallery snapped by Tommi Virtanen.

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