CNET Networks HQ

CNET Networks is the mother of all the CNET properties like Gamespot, CNET, BNET, and Chow. The best way to describe how this type of company works is to relate it to the movie Independence Day with Will Smith. Basically you have a mothership that beams commands and messages down to all of the smaller, but still large alien craft. Luckily for CNET however, Randy Quaid isn’t here to ruin their day.

The majority of these images were taken in 2001 when the building first opened, so no doubt it has changed with the times (mentally replace CRT’s with flat panels). The building looks great with a nice outer brickwork that adds a level of classiness to the mainly tech-centered company focus.

IMAGE CREDIT: The first image was snapped by Flickr user tychay. The remainder were taken by Sean Dreilinger.

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