Propaganda Headquarters Headquarters

If you love surfing, you are going to love this office. Propaganda Headquarters is a leading brand consultancy for different board sports, offering services ranging from athlete representation and event management to strategic consulting and marketing.

The office is located in Laguna Beach, CA, just off Pacific Coast Highway. Because of their proximity to the beach, they can even have meetings with clients while out surfing. I should also point out a couple of their creative rules which keep the employees pumped up to work:

The 6′ Rule: allows any member of our team to take up to 2 hours out of their work day to go and surf if the waves are 6’ or more…as long as they make up the time in the office after the sun goes down.

The “Chili-Chili Pow-Pow” Rule: if there’s a fresh dump of snowfall on the mountain we can call a meeting to review taking a half day to go snowboarding.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images snapped and sent to me by PropagandaHQ’s own, Vipe Desai.

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