Microsoft HQ

You might not like Microsoft, but admit it, we’re lucky they exist. Where would we be without Word, or Excel, or Halo? In a less productive, less fun place, my friends. And today we are taking a look at the place that makes it possible: Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, where over 30,000 of their employees work.

The psychedelic mural in the lunch area is pretty sweet, and the lake’s pretty nice. We’re spoiled by all the pictures of Google, etc., but there’s nothing to complain about. The kitchen looks great, there’s foosball and a pooltable, and comfy seats. If it is a “velvet sweatshop”, and least it’s plush velvet.

Bonus points: spot the Macs!

IMAGE CREDIT: Images 1 and 2 snapped by flickr user ilikeyesterday. Images 2, 4, 7, and 8 taken by flickr user taguri. Image 3 taken by georgholzer. Image 5 by wonderlane. Image 9 by avriette.

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