ESPN Studios

When you think about sports on TV, what comes to mind? ESPN (probably). And when you think about sports online , what do you think of? ESPN (probably). Whoah. Very few companies have made the jump from the offline world to the online world as successfully as ESPN has. And it’s little wonder, what with the copious amounts of coverage they give to all sports, from the most popular to the most obscure.

Today we get to take a look at their main studios in Bristol, Connecticut. There are a lot of boring things you’d expect to see at a studio (sound booth, teleprompters, lights), and some things that are a bit less boring (Emmys, shiny metal everythings, a control room that looks like the inside of a UFO). All in all, not too shabby.

IMAGE CREDIT: All images except the emmy one taken by tomharpel. Emmy pic taken by utkchristie.

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