American Greetings Office

American Greetings logoI always thought portholes belonged only on seafaring vehicles. That is, until I saw American Greetings. American Greetings is the largest public greeting card company in the world, and they are quite popular not-IRL as well. Millions of people use American Greetings to send ecards for myriad holidays and special occasions, as well as make personalized cards (and other customizable paraphernalia).

The neatest thing about American Greeting’s headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio is probably their “town square”, which looks like an indoor version of a quiet street corner, complete with an American Greetings store. The only 2 things I know about Cleveland are that 1) it rocks and 2) it is really cold during Browns games, so it is probably quite a draw to have a fake outdoors store inside a warm building.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images courtesy of reader Arthur Cernoia

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