The DivX Office Tour

For those unfamiliar with DivX, the company allows consumers to enjoy high-quality video on either a television, a computer, and even on a mobile device. While one of my favorite DivX products, Stage6, was recently closed down, they have some other products coming to the market including an awesome wireless HD media player. (I was lucky enough to see it in action at Barcamp SD, and it looked amazing).

I was able to check out the DivX offices in San Diego with the help of Ben Cote (Thanks Ben!) a few weeks back. Interestingly enough, this DivX office is located in the same space that MP3.com once occupied.

As far as the office is concerned, they have a very large space. It occupies both floors of the building and is just about filled up. The space is divided up by department, but not in the typical fashion we tend to see here on Office Snapshots. In one area, many employees have an array of monitors and a large tv screen at their workstation for testing purposes.

IMAGE CREDIT: I was the photographer of all of the images in this post, with the exception of the last 4, which were taken by Ben Cote of DivX.

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