Aptera Motors Office

Have you ever had a dream and seen the future? Well I know I have, and this is what I see: The Aptera Typ-1. Apparently this vehicle gets somewhere near 300mpg, which is about a billion times more that I currently get. And even more astoundingly, it is not even a future car, it is able to be ordered now. And yes, there is a reason for talking about vehicles on Office Snapshots, and that reason is that this vehicle is made by Aptera Motors, todays featured company.

Aptera Motors is headquartered in Carlsbad, California, and from the looks of the office space looks like a pretty neat place to work. No it doesn’t have crazy toys (gimmicks?) like ball pits and slides, but it does have a very nice feel to it. While the only real desk space we get to see is the engineering pit, we do get to see some of the neat things they have for employees, like the nursery.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Images snapped by and sent over by Reed Schmidt

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