Burnkit Studio

  • Burnkit
  • Canada, Vancouver,
  • Design,
  • Design studios are fast becoming my favorite type of space to cover because companies like Burnkit have unbelievable workspaces. Burnkit is a design studio that doesn’t just stick to one medium, they’ll create websites, do branding, create short films, or even invent something that will blow everyone’s mind on your behalf.

    The first thing you’re sure to notice about the space is their stack of half-size shipping crates. While I can only speculate as to what is in them, I think they are a creative way to set yourself apart from other companies. This studio is a lot different than anything I’ve seen before with it’s expansive space and workbench style workstations. Pretty neat if you ask me.

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images taken and sent over by Burnkit’s janitor, Josh Dunford.

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