Slicehost Office

Slicehost is a hosting company built for developers, by developers that know what developers want. I wish I could get into the nitty-gritty of what those specifications are, but I literally know nothing about servers or hosting, besides of course, the fact that I have to pay to keep my website turned on. Luckily for you (the potential customer), Slicehost has been growing explosively and receiving rave reviews by their customers.

The company is located in downtown St. Louis, and looks to be pretty neat. The first thing I noticed is that the layout is simple; a long hallway with an elevator at one end and desks and a lounging area at the other. The view is great, the vases are great, and the conference area is great, but one thing is missing…tapestries. Also, that elevator would be creepy at night.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images snapped by the slicehost flickr account manager. Suggested by febuiles.

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