Seesmic HQ

Seesmic is a company that allows its users to converse with each other and the rest of the web using video. You can record to your stream for people to see or you can add video comments to blogs. Users can also integrate their content to a host of other sites like Youtube, Skype, Twitter, or Facebook.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to drop by their offices during my latest visit to San Francisco and had a really nice time seeing where the magic happens. Instead of being in a single room, they occupy several rooms on the first floor of their building with different aspects of their operation being separated. One noticeable difference of the Seesmic office was the set area where they create some video productions for the site. Lastly, the company has jumped on the cost-effective table workstation trend. Does anyone have experience working at that type of workstation that can comment on them?

IMAGE CREDIT: Images snapped my me, if you use them please link to us.

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