Blend Interactive Offices

Sioux Falls, South Dakota isn’t usually the place I think about when I think of great looking, well-designed office spaces, but after seeing the Blend Interactive offices, that might change. This place is pretty dynamite looking with lots of character. Employees have nice spaces that aren’t cubicles, and aren’t really open either, but instead a nice combo of both philosophies. I also enjoy the art of the walls.

The company does web design and planning, web app development, interactive CD creation, and a host of other things. Interestingly enough, they also do what is called ‘white label development’, which is basically them doing work, you paying them for it, and you rebranding it so people think you created it.

One last fun thing, is that when the gnome is on your desk, that means that you answer phones for the day.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images snapped by the Blend photostream captain.

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