DAXKO Headquarters

Chances are that you’ve heard of a non-profit organization in your life, but chances are also that you’ve never considered what that organization uses to run itself in a more efficient manner. DAXKO is a company that offers SaaS (software as a service) to over 300 different non-profits (the largest being the YMCA) throughout the United States that does just that. Their software handles accounting, payroll, payroll, and even health and wellness tracking.

The office is located in Birmingham, Alabama and has several features that are becoming trends in office design. One being roll-up garage doors, another being creative non-traditional conference areas, and the last being great employees to fill it. The company was also ranked as one of the “50 Best Small and Medium Companies to Work for in America.”

IMAGE CREDIT: Images snapped and sent over by DAXKO’s CEO, David Gray.

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