Rijkwaterstaat Offices

I’ve never really needed to speak Dutch. Pretty much everyone in Amsterdam speaks English, after all. I’m really missing it today, though, because Rijkwaterstaat in Utrecht, Netherlands has one of the most interesting offices ever featured here on Office Snapshots, and I have little to no idea what goes on there.

If I were to go by the website, I’d guess Rijkwaterstaat is some sort of Department of Public Works. If I were to go by the look of the office, though, I’d say Rijkwaterstaat is a studio that exists entirely within the mind of a mad designer, kind like in The Cell, but luckily, without Jennifer Lopez. What, pray tell, is in images 8 and 9? If you have any fun, shocking, or entertaining (anything but correct!) ideas, please leave them in the comments.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images courtesy of Geoffroy M..

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