Neoganda Offices

If you’ve traveled around on the internet for more than 30 minutes, chances are you ran across something Neoganda has created. Neoganda is one of the country’s leading digital advertising agencies and has done ad campaigns for companies such as Nissan, Toyota, VW, Tylenol. They have also done both ad work and website design for a number of movies and dvd releases.

The office is located in West Hollywood and looks pretty spacious. One of the nice things is that all the employees have great workstations with plenty of mactastic power. I also think that this is the first office we’ve featured that has stacks of car wheels. Overall, I’d say that being one of Neoganda’s 15 employees would be a pretty slick job, especially with the big screen video game breaks.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images sent over by Bryan Ingram at Neoganda.

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