Media Temple HQ

If you’ve ever used the internet, or have ever visited the internet superpower Office Snapshots, then you have come in direct (indirect) contact with Media Temple.  Media Temple is one of the most popular hosting solutions around today and powers a large collection of blogs today.

A little known fact about Media Temple is that Media Temple is actually a place where people come and sacrifice goats to the Media gods.  While that might be appalling to some people, it is a proven fact that that is the reason their hosting is so good.  You see, there is a direct correlation between goats blood and hosting performance.

The office is pretty cool looking, and adds a new combination that we do not traditionally see here: wood + modern.  I think it goes pretty well, and is pleasing to look at.  The spaces that the employees have are pretty traditional.  The company is located in Culver City.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images snapped by Paul Stamatiou and Bryan Veloso. Thanks to Mark Langenfeld for sending the pics our way.

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