PMOG Office

If you’re too lazy to play MMOGs, today is your lucky day. Welcome to the wonderful world of Passively Multiplayer Online Games, brought to you by PMOG. PMOG is like WOW, except instead of doing things I don’t really understand, you just surf the web and get experience points for it. If you want a bit more activity in your passivity, you can do other fun stuff too, like create and complete missions and get badges, all from the Firefox extension.

Loyal readers know that I love hardwood floors and puppies, so PMOG’s office is a real winner. He has his own puffy jacket, and that is fantastic. All the puppy needs is a blue cape and he’s a dead ringer for Underdog.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images 1-6 courtesy of k41d3n, images 7 and 8 courtesy of Beleam, and 9 and 10 images courtesy of merci.

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