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  • Kranj, Slovenia,
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  • One of my favorite things about this website is that it gives us all a great look at where the world works. Today we will be taking a look at ThirdFrameStudios based out of Kranj, Slovenia. The company focuses on two main product types: multiplayer flash games and products that connect your phone to the web. One of their major partners is Ericcson.

    I’d say that my favorite part of this office is the way it really embodies one of the products they create. It has bright colors, game characters, and just looks like a lot of fun. The workstations all have a lot of room to work and a healthy amount of storage. The company has 20 employees and has really done a lot with their resources. The office was designed by Jana Rot, the decals were done by Zek.

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images snapped by Jaka Vinšek. Thanks to Andraž Logar for sending the images to us.

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