Hoffman York – Chicago Office

Chicago is pushing for the 2016 Olympics, but today, they get something even better: a company featured on Office Snapshots. And so we present to you the illustrious Hoffman York. Hoffman York (which also happens to have offices in Milwaukee) is a well-known advertising and PR agency that specializes in radio, television, and print–the stodgy but vital “old media.”

Their office is anything but stodgy, though. Their sleek, modern decor goes perfectly with their views of the Chicago skyline. They have a great kitchen chock-full of potato chips (but not for long…) and a very classy billiards room. The best part? Why it’s the giant lip couch, of course. Anything that reminds me of Rocky Horror Picture Show automatically gets Best in Show.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images courtesy of brookduckart.

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