Sanborn Media Factory Office

  • Sanborn Media Factory,
  • New York, New York City, United States,
  • Design,
  • Sure, it’s called a factory, and there’s a menacing industrial complex on the logo, but Sanborn Media Factory can’t fool me. They’re nothing more than a successful, talented interactive agency located in New York City. They do all sorts of stuff, from Flash games to ad campaigns to podcasts. Over the years they’ve done work with some pretty big names, including the New York Times, Jeep, and Victoria’s Secret.

    SMF’s walls are seasonally appropriate (and very classy), but I’m thinking their holiday spirit might be a bit lacking. While that is a very nice wreath, I usually like more than one lonely decoration in my workspace. And by the way, does anyone else’s brain go all crazy when they look at the third picture? It looks like a weird doorway in a giant wall. Just me? Sorry. Carry on.

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images courtesy of shur1d.

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