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  • Good day everyone! Or should I say, good day mate, since today we’re checking out Australian creative agency Lemonade. Lemonade does it all – web design, brand design, and graphic design – and they do it out of this really pretty office in St. Kilda Melbourne. Lemonade has worked with some pretty big brands over the years, such as Mercedes-Benz, Moet Hennessy, plus a whole load of Australian companies ignorant ol’ me has never heard of.

    Their office is very impressive, full of light and open space. I like their mega-classy meeting room, with its fancy chairs, flat screen TV, and way-too-big vents. The best part, though? Having a lemonade stand as the reception desk. Cos it’s called Lemonade, get it? Get it? You get it.

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images courtesy of the fantastically kind Dion Wise.

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