ESET Headquarters

ESET is an anti-virus company that has products for every type of person wanting to be virus free, from individuals to government to large businesses, ESET has your virus covered.

This particular office is located in Bratislava, Slovakia, and is absolutely amazing. While it may not be as futuristic as Lloyd’s (sorry steelopus), it still has glimpses like crazy chandeliers, skyscrapers, and a control room large enough to take over the world. It looks like it has plenty of natural light, happy employees, and of course foosball.

Quick story: I was riding on a train from Bucharest to Vienna once, which stopped on the border of Slovakia in a city named Štúrovo, and the border guards woke me up abruptly which really scared me. Hopefully I can go back there to redeem that experience of Štúrovo at some point.

IMAGE CREDIT: Image snapped by ESET, but sent our way by mike from betacampus.

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