Humana Innovation Center Office

Welcome to Kentucky, home of the Wildcats, horse races, fried chicken, and of course, Humana, Inc. Humana is one of the largest health companies in the country, covering almost 12 million people. The Innovation Center serves as a sort of think tank, talking to consumers and coming up with neat ways to get people to live healthier.

One of their heath schemes, shown right here in these pics, is the Freewheelin bike-share program, where you get to borrow a bike and return it later. And all they ask for is for you to not be so darn unhealthy. No word on whether the tricycles can be rented out, too.

Awesomely, even their choice of video games is relatively healthy. With a Wii and a couple DDR pads, Humana makes sure even normally sedentary activities become active.

Like bikes? Want to make people healthier? Apply here.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images courtesy of Humana’s Innovation Center.

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