Qik Offices

In case you hadn’t noticed, watching moving pictures is one of the modern world’s favorite pastimes. Creating video content is also very popular, but taking time to transfer video onto your computer, and then upload it to your favorite video hosting site can be a pain. On top of that, all that time spent meant that live video is impossible. Qik is the answer. With its patent-pending method (aka magic wizard potion), they can take video from your mobile device and stream it instantly to the web so people can watch what you do right then. They also save the video for your viewing pleasure later.

Their offices are located in Redwood City, CA and occupy a nice expansive room with great lighting and a good number of workstations. The high ceilings really give the place a great feel as well. The office is equipped with a nice little gaming and entertainment corner, and of course has a Google tent. Special thanks to Daniel Brusilovsky for these images.

IMAGE CREDIT: Courtesy of the amazing Daniel Brusilovsky.

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