Allies Interactive Office

  • Allies Interactive
  • India, Kanpur,
  • Design,
  • I just realized that it’s been quite a while since we highlighted an Indian office. A bit TOO long. While I investigate, please take a look at Allies Interactive, a graphic, web design, and creative agency located in Kanpur, India. Allies Interactive (and its 18 employees) has worked with some pretty big names over the years, including Toyota and Infinity, creating everything from micro-sites, to web apps, to business cards.

    Allies Interactive seems like a nice, calm place to work. Everything seems to be very shiny, which one hopes isn’t too distracting. It’s really colorful, too, and that might be distracting as well. And look, there are some delicious looking samosas. I KNOW those are distracting. Maybe it isn’t such a calm place to work after all…

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images courtesy of Abdul Qabiz. He seems like a very nice guy.

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