Datotel – WingHaven Office

Whenever someone is shopping around for hosting services and wants to treat their data right, perhaps they should think of Datotel. With a name that sounds eerily like ‘Data Hotel’, you know that they will pamper your data more than a company with a name that sounds like ‘Soggy Data Cardboard Box House’. The company is growing and specializes in Private Cloud Computing, Hosted Managed Services and Colocation Services and is located in WingHaven, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis.

The company has a great space with a lot of nice features. The view of the autumn marshland outside is a pretty nice bonus. We don’t even have trees that change color in So Cal (until they die from drought, of course). The interior space was designed around the Herman Miller Resolve System and houses a number of their 38 employees. If I know my Herman Miller desk systems, the desk heights are adjustable which can save some in-desk agony. They also combine assigned desks and hotdesks, allowing some of the employees to seamlessly work at both this location and their datacenter facility.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images sent over by DAvid Brown, Datotel’s President.

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