Jack Morton New York Office

I personally had never heard of Jack Morton, but apparently they are kind of a big deal. They are a experiential marketing firm, meaning that they specialize in planning, designing, and executing campaigns and events that you (you guessed it) experience. Their clients include many of the very biggest brands in the world, including HP, GM, MTV, IBM, and a bunch of non-acronymed names, too. Among other impressive things, they designed that incredibly flashy ESPN SportsCenter desk and the Opening Ceremonies at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

The office itself is located in New York City, and it looks a lot like you might imagine: light, modern, and colorful. They do have a few slightly odd, kinda corny elements (such as the diner menu, the inflatable pool, and the basketball court table) but their trophy room is so great that I think we can forgive them.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images courtesy of Jack Morton.

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