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  • Canada, Victoria,
  • Design,
  • With a name like MetaLab, its fairly clear that this company is all about interface design, and that they also believe simplicity is beautiful. Well, maybe you can’t tell all of that from just their name, but you can tell a lot about a company by the offices they provide employees.

    MetaLab’s offices are simple yet elegant, with wood flooring and nicely-painted masonry walls. Each permanent workstation is aligned along the walls and equipped with large screen real estate. Everyone crowds around the workstation that has the French press coffee maker, though seem to be uninterested in the coffee as the majority of mugs are on the other side of the office. The track lighting in the office is very warm, the exact opposite effect given by harsh fluorescent lighting that adorns the ceilings of so many offices these days. The nice colors also add to the overall ambiance.

    The company uses their space to design icons and interfaces for everything from iPhones to websites to the desktop. Their office are located in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada.

    IMAGE CREDIT: The wonderful images were taken by William Wilkinson. Images made known to us by Israel, not the country, the person.

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