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  • Back in the middle ages, web design guilds were always having problems with creating great user experiences to go with their already fantastic infrastructures. So what did they do to solve this problem? Have children. Who then had children, who then had children..and so on. Well, here we are in 2010 and what did these future offspring create? Teknision Inc., which solves the problems that their ancient guild counterparts faced.

    You might be calling into question my historical analysis right now, but you don’t need to, I majored in history. So that settles it.

    Teknision Inc, is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, which is blatantly obvious from the hockey game table they have next to their foosball table. Their offices are quite nice and have some really nice textures throughout, including greenery, wood, and always-wet flooring. Their workstations are all located together with lots of screen real estate. the whole area is lit with a combination of fluorescent lamps and bulb fixtures, which effectively light the space, which providing a nice ambiance. They also have a beautiful conference table, and of course employee fingerprints as art on the wall.

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images provided by Teknision Inc.

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