Idealista Offices – Madrid

For those of our readers that pay attention to the Spanish housing market (probably most of you), you’ll be familiar with the company Idealista.com. Idealista is a portal that reports the latest housing market news for Spain. Their office is located in downtown Madrid, and from what you can see below, has some very appealing features.

As with most news-type offices, the Idealista offices have everyone housed in a bullpen style room, but organized into different teams. Each staff member has two monitors to increase efficiency. The space also contains a room in which people can gather to look at a single magazine page, located nicely at the front of the room. One of the features we don’t see too often is the drop-down cabling to each station of desks. Complete with a bright kitchen, the space is nicely maintained, giving it a very proper and professional atmosphere.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images from Idealista.

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