Razor Creative Offices

  • Razor Creative
  • Canada, Moncton,
  • Design,
  • Being creative is best known as humanity’s 9th sense, and as it turns out, many people just don’t have the capacity for a 9th sense. If that’s you, than you’re in luck. Razor Creative is loaded with 9th sense power. They do print work, packaging, web development, and branding.

    Razor Creative is located in Moncton, New Brunswick, in a quaint downtown office. The space is nicely colored, with plenty of decorations adorning the walls, as well as quite a few Razor branded items like the clock and door. While there is a lot of space in the office, there aren’t many workstations, but it definitely isn’t sparse. There are many eye-catching visuals, including, but not limited to, the ‘dig deeper’ guy. If I know my desk gadgets as well, I see a Chumby. This place really has the most homely feel of any office we’ve seen that isn’t actually a home office.

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images sent our way by Razor’s Rich Gould.

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