Luccaco Office

  • Luccaco
  • Brazil, Curitiba,
  • Design,
  • It’s not really always sunny if Philadelphia. But it IS always sunny in Brazil. And luckily for Luccaco, that’s where they are located. Luccaco is a small studio that specializes in building user-friendly interfaces and API integrations. They’ve worked with some pretty big names, including M√©decins Sans Fronti√®res (Doctors Without Borders) and the United Nations Population Fund.

    The office, located in Curitiba, Brazil, is very pleasant. They have brick walls and a dog! Two points for them. Plus an extra half point for the old-fashioned signs around the office. Two and a half points! That’s pretty good.

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images courtesy of the very thoughtful Allysson Lucca.

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