The Fresh Tilled Soil Tour – Office Snapshots

  • Fresh Tilled Soil
  • Massachusetts, United States, Waltham,
  • Design,
  • During my recent visit to Massachusetts I was lucky enough to visit Fresh Tilled Soil, a Waltham-based web design and application interface company. The first thing you must know about their space is that it is located in the newly renovated Waltham Watch Factory, a 400k sqft brick building located on the Charles River. Coming from Southern California, where concrete tilt-up is the status quo for office buildings, a brick building of this size is very impressive.

    Fresh Tilled Soil has a wide open setup consisting of worktables for each employee along the length of the office, which is lined with many great light giving windows. The office space has a great view of the river from its lower level position. There are a number of plants that offer some contrast to the reds of the brick walls and the wooden ceiling beams. At the end of the office, there is a good sized conference space for small meetings and teleconferences. The entrance to the space is adorned with an attractive logo, which is a nice touch for making a first impression.

    Special thanks to Greg and Jon at T3 Advisors for arranging the visit!

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images snapped by me

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