DGN Plus Office and Datacenter – Turkey

  • DGN Plus
  • Bursa, Turkey,
  • Hosting,
  • Who would’ve known that it would take almost three years before we’d have our first office in Turkey? Luckily, our first, DGN Plus is a great start. DGN Plus is a Turkish webhost, service provider, and domain name registrar among other things. They are located in Bursa, a city in the northwest part of the country.

    While the exterior of the building is fairly unassuming, the interior is really well-polished and appealing. The wood floors and dark wood accent walls matched with modern desks and office features make for a fantastic look. The main office is basically a large room, but instead of being cramped, the low number of employees offer a nice space for each. The datacenter portion is a bit different than you might be used to, with a large number of towers, as well as the typical rack setups. There are also several workstations that seem to oversee the datacenter through the large windows.

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images sent over by Daghan Uzgur of DGN Plus.

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