Lightmaker Offices

  • Lightmaker
  • England, Manchester,
  • Design,
  • If you thought physics or magic were where light came from, you’re wrong. It emanates from Lightmaker, the company that specializes in digital projects from web design, search engine marketing, hosting, content management, and of course, making light.

    Their office is pretty bright and has some original design elements to it. The bright yellow walls give the space an energetic vibe, as well as fitting with the company name. The employee desks leave a bit to be desired, but then again, what do I know, I am not the company that created J.K. Rowling’s personal site. Foosball, video games, work, carpet, and porthole windows equal this Manchester, U.K. space.

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images snapped by flickr users chrisntr1 and seen_it

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