Vioma GmbH Offices

Vioma GmbH is an online marketing company that focuses on the hotel industry, specifically 4-5 star hotels. The company’s office is located in Offenburg, Germany, which is just across the border from Strasbourg, and houses more than 50 employees.

The first thing you’ll notice is that this space is brand new and very clean cut. The furnishings are very modern and match the walls and flooring well. You’ll notice the small kitchen area, equipped with a cappuccino machine, which looks great with its dark wood, white faces, and metal fixtures. The office also seems to have a combination of individual workstations and tables, offering both privacy and collaborative space. There are also several stations throughout the office that contain necessary office tools. Lastly, employees can bask in the natural light that the many-windowed space offers.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images snapped by the wonderful Walter Müll.