Bruce B./Emmy B. Design Agency

Bruce B./Emmy B. Design Agency is a leading design company that specializes in communication design and events. The company is located in Stuttgart, Germany in an office building that was refurbished several times after being damaged in WW2. The space’s footprint is approximately 5000 sqft. I couldn’t find a logo, so this portrait will have to do.

You will notice that many of the design elements contrast with one another creating visual interest and stimulation. Light and dark woods, smooth lines and rough edges, straight and curved lines. All of this is very deliberate, trying to engage the visitor with the space, rather than just simply being in it.

The space is very open with several floating desk islands spaced in a somewhat eclectic fashion. Conference spaces are very deliberate in their design. It is tough to tell how usable the space is in these images because they do not show everyday work items like storage, office equipment, or even garbage cans.