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  • Jackrabbit Design
  • Massachusetts, Milton, United States,
  • Design,
  • Jackrabbit Design is a full-service strategic design firm that handles everything from web design and seo to branding and graphic design.

    The company’s office is located in a renovated brick building, which once was nothing but plain ol’ brick, but has since been transformed into a beautiful design space that resembles a home more than an office. From the outside, it seems like a small and unassuming building, but once inside, the space is a wonderful 2-stories with expansive windows that allow maximum levels of natural light to enter.

    The space has normal design workstations against the wall, but has a number of comfortable areas for employees to relax and brainstorm. They also have a full-service kitchen with what seems to be an above average wine-collection; definitely a first for an office we’ve seen. Some standout features include the beautiful wood table on the upstairs level and the fireplace below. The full bathroom, complete with shower, can be a great way to encourage employees to exercise before work without worrying about appearances or being late.