IPEVO Office

  • Taipei, Taiwan,
  • Design,
  • IPEVO is an accessory company that started out selling Skype hardware and Internet peripherals and now specializes in products that enhance the experience of how people use their computers, smart-phones and the Internet.

    IPEVO has two offices: one in Sunnyvale, California and the other in Taipei, Taiwan. Today we’re looking at the Taipei office, which was designed by XRANGE.

    The office is organized around a central area that serves as an entry foyer, waiting area, and passage to the pantry and service areas. The “Central Park,” as they call it, is a fuzzy space made of dried Taiwanese grass lawns (the walls and closet doors) and recycled camphor trunks. According to people who would know, the grassy scent permeates the office and creates an association with nature, providing relief from the long hours spent on computers.

    Oh, and that bulldog is a champion.

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images via our friends at IPEVO.