Mullen – Boston HQ

Completed in 2009, Mullen‘s new agency headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, was the end product of a process that began as the company realized the image they were trying to portray wasn’t coming across from their old location; an old convent.

In an effort to modernize their location and become equipped with the latest and greatest, Mullen worked with New York-based, TPG Architecture, to outfit their new 100,000 sqft space in the heart of Boston. The firm worked to enhance the building’s already great elements like harbor views and loads of natural light. The office takes up three floors and a large staircase was constructed in an effort to connect the three floors in a natural and elegant way. Apparently, dumbwaiters, the necessity at Office Snapshots weren’t in their budget.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images 1, 9-13 by adrants. 2-9 by Pam Jacobs of TPG Architecture.