During my visit to San Francisco this last week, I was able to spend some time visiting Studio o+a’s architecture offices. Studio o+a, if you’ve been reading Office Snapshots for a while, were the designers of Facebook’s new offices, Dreamhost’s new space, Yelp’s new office, Square’s office,, Mtv Networks SF space, Trulia and are currently working on Aol’s unreal space. Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander, Studio o+a’s principals, were also selected as Contract Magazine’s Designers of the Year.

As far as their space is concerned, I enjoyed working out of one of their intern’s work stations on the first floor. The office has several libraries full of design materials from carpet swatches and wall coverings to tabletop materials. There are three conference spaces with a variety of seat choices.

One of the things that stuck out most was that even though this design team creates amazing spaces for tech companies, they understand that what works for one company doesn’t always translate for all companies. Their office, for instance, does not have the same look and feel as a Facebook, but amazing work is still completed, and their employees sounded like they were all having a great time at work.