Sinas Architects Offices

  • Sinas Architecture
  • Athens, Greece,
  • Architecture Firm,
  • Sinas Architecture, an Athens, Greece-based architecture firm that has built projects from homes to offices to buildings, has recently moved into a new space.

    Their office, which has plenty of natural light, has a wonderful atmosphere that allows employees to thrive. Typically, music is playing, which could be anything from Zen meditation tones to a Disco Remix of Beethoven’s 5th. The center of the space has a design library build from high-grade osb, which is becoming a very popular material in office buildouts as it offers a raw and unique look.

    The space looks to have a few IKEA pieces, and has the workstations separated from the collaborative areas by glass panels. Interestingly enough, the desk chairs are not your typical style either, with the white scoop chairs matching the white furnishings. Lastly, the light fixtures look great and keep the place very evenly lit.

    Photographer: Nikos Stefanis