The Colorful Offices Of Gascoigne Associates

  • Gascoigne Associates,
  • Auckland, New Zealand,
  • Architecture Firm,
  • The offices of architecture firm Gascoigne Associates were self-designed to be a “stylish, yet practical and comfortable work space that reflects the culture of [the] firm”.

    The space focuses on a number of elements that the firm felt were crucial:

    • To foster and demonstrate the collaborative way of working, all drawing and admin staff sits at a custom-made communal desk with contractors and future staff at wall-mounted desks in the same space.
    • To create a sense of individuality for each workstation and to allow sharing inspirational images, a number of pin boards and blackboards were created which staff regularly update as they discover and share new ideas.
    • Color is very important so we added a few large, easily changeable painted colors, along with colored accessories and furniture.

    The company is located in New Zealand. Enjoy!