Anima Pictures Office – Complete with Pallets and Cement Blocks

Anima Pictures is not the first company office to use pallets in their office design, but they certainly do so with a splash more color than the other, BrandBase. That said, the conference table is just about identical. All temporary, but fun for sure.

A little about Anima: “The concept of design, an open landscape autonomous, was applied in this way:
Firstly, the existing space was painted with white, to ensure a homogeneous background for the structure of pallets, accompanied by spots of color that characterize the company logo.

Pallets themselves create a structure which changes its character gradually being adopted in every office space. In the line of original material, to give the necessary privacy dedicated to the meeting area, the division created between two columns, reinforced through intervention with concrete blocks. The last part of the design of the structure contains supplements to the pallet as furniture lighting, furniture and accessories which stand under the black stain. The whole structure is aimed at facilitating more character than compelling.”