OTJ Architects’ Offices – Washington D.C.

  • Client OTJ Architects,
  • Year 2012
  • Location United States, Washington DC,
  • Industry Architecture Firm,
  • OTJ Architects, designers of previously shown offices of Palantir Technologies and LivingSocial, have a bright, colorful, and multi-level office space located in Washington D.C.

    Located in what was once an early 1900’s generator loading and storage facility, and more recently, a popular Washington, DC nightclub, was converted into office space for the growing architecture firm.

    “The free standing building, which sits in the center of a city block in downtown Washington, DC, required major renovation in order to adapt to its new use. Two mezzanines were added within the building shell and the lower level was excavated in order to accommodate 75 staff on 4 floors.

    A central atrium was preserved and surrounded by a variety of meeting spaces, both formal and informal, to promote collaboration and a sense of community for the organization. The first floor of the atrium provides a setting where staff and visiting congregate and are able to manipulate furniture, walls, and drapery to create spaces for small meetings or full town hall gatherings.”

    One of my favorite features are the variety of casual seating areas throughout the space where employees can just plop down and take a break or take a meeting.