Designing An Office That Screams Your Brand: A Closer Look at Red Bull

I’ve posted a number of Red Bull offices from around the world and I think it is one of the best examples of branding I’ve seen. I’ve written about this for Turnstone and think you should check it out here.

“Designing an office that screams your brand can be difficult. For Red Bull, creating well-branded seems to come naturally. Not just once, but many times over, all over the world. What is it that makes their branding so good?

I’ve written before about how branding should go beyond the surface level. In one survey, 70% of respondents said brand was expressed in the workspace through logos. 57% said it was through colors or aesthetics. And generally speaking, most “branding” seems to be nothing more than normal offices with some company name stickers thrown in for good measure.”

Read the rest at Turnstone’s blog!