We are SiteMeter’s October “Featured Site”

SiteMeter LogoI almost forgot to mention this, but we are Sitemeter’sFeatured Site‘ for the month of October. I have been using Sitemeter to gain some knowledge about who visits Office Snapshots ever since we launched. I like their service a lot so I am pretty honored to be mentioned.

This actually came about because I had emailed them hoping to get some pictures of their office space. As it turns out, they don’t really have an office, but Patrick checked out our site and thought it was pretty fun so he offered to have it be the month’s feature. While they don’t have an office, I am hoping to get some drawings of what the site would look like if they had one.

So if you want to learn more about myself and Office Snapshots check out the interview over at Sitemeter.

…and don’t worry there is a post coming :)