Songbird’s Nest (HQ)

Even though humans generally call a headquarters a headquarters, birds call them nests. And so do humans that work for companies named after birds. Keep that in mind if you ever work for one. This nest is located in downtown San Francisco, and looks like a great space, even though it isn’t made out of woven sticks.

Songbird is an open source media player combined with web browser, that is powered by Mozilla. For people looking for an alternative to iTunes or Windows Media Player, it comes highly recommended. While the current version is only at 0.3, a developers preview, it is still pretty cool to take out for a spin. One of my favorite features is the ability to browse for music on the web, and then play it directly from inside the media player.

Interested in working at Songbird? Check their current openings.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images taken and use with permission of Jonathan Koshi, one of Songbird’s founders.

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